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This is an informative site about Fungi with a focus on Characteristics and Facts. These have been researched using a range of academic sites including the Natural History Museum and the Mycological Society as well as encyclopaedic sites such as Wikipedia.

If you follow this ink you will find a list of Fungi Characteristics including facts like many are filamentous and are made up of separate microscopic filaments called hyphae, with apical growth and spread and branch to form a network of hyphae, named mycelium. We also examine the types of fungi here.

fungi characteristics

Characteristics of Fungi

Also in this site we have a range of images and links which will highlight the beauty of this amazing species. Read about how Fungi have impacted on Humanity and we also have a selection of links for your interest.
Fungi Characteristics are far more surprising than you'd think so take some time to check out our site and let the wonder of mushrooms amaze you!

fungi characteristics

Eight Fungi Facts about the Horse Mushroom (Agaricus Arvensis)

1. The Horse mushrooms cap diameter can between 10 - 20 cm.
2. Its height can be up to 10 cm.
3. Its cap is cream or off- white.
4. May become marked or stained yellow as it ages.
5. The initial shape of its cap is globular but expands to form a shallow dome.
6. The gills are free and change from white to pale pink to brown.
7. Its spores are dark brown
8. Appears in late Summer and Autumn.

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Here's a Fungi Video!

So what is Fungi? Let us help you with that. This website looks at fungi with a detailed view but one we hope is straightforward and sheds light on FUNGI and Mushrooms!
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The gills, a papery Hymenophore rib under the cap, are used by the mushroom to disperse and inform species identification.  Shape, colour, form from the side and crowding are important in this process. Only some species of fungi have Lamella. Having the gills in a circle around the stem improves spore dispersal.